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Submitted on
October 1, 2009
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i would love if you would come to visit and fall asleep on my bed and i would cry as i see your chest move in slumbering breaths. i would write you a letter in trembling cursive or lopsided and heavy print to tell you that you're far too beautiful for me, you silly boy and watch my legs shake as i cross my (fingers, t's, heart) room and slip it in your front pocket before i wake you just enough for your arms to pull me close. i would think cliched thoughts or maybe nothing at all because we are so close and you are touching me and i can hardly breathe, let alone think. you would read the note i wrote and feel a small thud in your heart because my handwriting is as unbeautiful as i am but you never believed me, and the corners of your lips would twitch at the smudged lettering you found on the side of my hand. we would wake to my mother rattling the door's hinges, asking why it is locked and why have we been in here for hours. you would stretch your arms over your head and smile in such a way that your lips would take on a shape that inspires me to spend the whole of 2010 trying to change the shape of mine.
wall-of-text because it's a single thought.

because it's stereotypical-sounding and i had to write something that sounded prettier than the horrible failed attempts of writing like ~iLISI because her latest piece always makes me write even when i have nothing to say.
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