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January 23, 2013
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i am the last paramedic you want to respond to your call.

by no means am i inept at my job- i am, in fact, the best in my precinct.  my problem is sometimes i think i'm god.

the people who are drains on society - the welfare collectors, the addicts, the elderly, the people who wronged me in high school or remind me of the people who wronged me in high school; the people who cost me taxes?  oops, i made a mistake.  i'm sorry, mrs. doe, but john didn't make it.  our team failed to correctly assess and promptly address his condition.  our condolences.

i have let hundreds die on my watch.  just seen the spasms stop, the light leave their eyes.  i have saved hundreds as well.  i am god and i choose who is repentant and righteous and allowed to carry one; i choose who is to be condemned to an eternity of hellfire and brimstone.  

tell me- does this make me a bad person?
sat on my bathroom floor last night after watching too many criminal minds episodes and wrote this in one go
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justawhore May 10, 2013
let's see who is God. Remember, now is the time to collect. Every dick you sucked, every scumbag you fucked. I want them too.
I want to see them bleed and tell them its because of you they are going to die. Its because you knew it was my pussy, and you let them fuck you anyway. YOu knew I would never let you get away with disrespecting me, humiliating me the way you have.
They will all lost thier dicks. My present for fucking my pussy
the artist's comments make this
you're just beautiful and so is this
you're so lovely
do-they-collide Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
" i'm sorry, mrs. doe, but john didn't make it. our team failed to correctly assess and promptly address his condition. our condolences."
i adore thee.
i adore thee mosteth!
Do you write in your bathroom sometime too? haha thought I was the only one. I really like this piece. The mood was captured perfectly and reflected a good deal about the character. Just one thing: I was wondering if the "...allowed to carry one..." should be "allowed to carry on?" But great piece overall. It was fantastic. Good job!
haha nope sometimes it's necessary! yeah i fucked up, dammit. i'll fix it..i hope :P
Slightly amusing and sad that people think that this is your personal view

But fascinating that you manage to portray it in such a way that fools people into thinking that way.

You understand people very well don't you.
haha thank you, my dear!
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