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April 5, 2011
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"i don't need you anymore."

"why, because you're happy? you're not fucking happy. you wouldn't know happiness if it sat next to you on a train."

"i -"

"what, am i hurting you? you don't know what hurt really is. you think cutting and starving and purging is pain? let me show you what pain really is, then we'll talk."

"please, no -"

"you're afraid it'll hurt too much? you have no idea. try living. see what that's really like. life is pain. living is pain. breathing is pain. sitting there in agony and doing nothing -- that's what hurt really is."

"wait -"

"not some petty heartache, not your day-old hunger, not your sore throat, not your bleeding arms. that's doing something -- something fucking dumb, but something -- about the pain of living. you're too scared to try, that's what you are. you're afraid."

"i am."

"you need me. you need me so you can be alive, so you can stop yourself from truly living. i'm your fear control. i stop things from getting too scary for you. that's all i am to you. but you need it, and who am i to say no?"

"i don't need you, i don't -"

"yes, you do. you can't handle the pain otherwise."

"i don't -"

"imagine living and feeling the ground's uncertainty under every step you take. you need the blood and the hunger and anything to fucking keep your mind off of the nothingness that might be under your next step."

"but -"

"you can't live without me. you can't live with me, actually. i stop you from living. you need me."

"you're right. i'm too afraid to live."

"you're too afraid to love."

"it's ruined me."

"no sweetie, i've ruined you."
a discussion with destroying oneself.
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EchoingOcean Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy...This is just perfect. It really is how this goes to...Amazing
ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
thank you <3
EchoingOcean Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem...I wish things like this got more attention :)
ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
KZKdoggrl Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
I love this so much. Wow amazing powerful words.! well done!
ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
thank you so much!!
Aerikzuriel Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
...oh my's so lovely.... passionate and deep.
...this is beyond tangible, visible and verbal expression!
you capture the concept of pain so perfectly yet still under-defined.....
...this is a true work of artistry.
ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
thank you very kindly <3
Myennaius13 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
You have perfectly portrayed a conversation for those like myself with their internal shadows. I would happily doth my hat or bend a greatful knee, but either could never do enough justice for this wonderful work.
ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
oh wow, thank you so much!
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