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Submitted on
April 17


32 (who?)
in that twilight period of summer turning to fall-
in that bend in the road from september to october-
i couldn't explain it but i so desperately wanted to send a piece of myself to you
by mail
so you would have something to look forward to
from someone,
with love.

i said, if there's a force to change the tides and turn the earth
and people think it's the most essential force in this world,
then i know they've never met you.

'who me? little old me?'

yes you, little old you,
you have enough resonance in the beats of your heart
to make armies march,
you have enough light in your smile
to make a blind man see,
you have enough magnitude in everything you do
to cause earthquakes to destroy the world,
or maybe just me:

i would die in your hands if you would only let me.

the beginning of october is stunning when the colours
are like fire engines and fireflies and fireworks.
bright flashes of everything that is beautiful and nothing that is hurt.
but after an immense burst of light;
after the last page of a book is burnt;
the moment the street lamps lose power-
you're left in the dark. the brighter the bright, the blacker the black.

when the leaves start to turn from green to brown like hazel eyes out of sunlight-
things change. i know they always do
but this time it feels a little like the world might be ending.
i thought you would ruin me, never ruin you,
you, my little sad-boy-blue.

you smoke and drink and drug your way to some chemical illusion
and think that you're happy but i know you're not
and i know you know you're not.

you say you are useless until you are beautiful
and you will die before you love yourself.

you tell me to leave.
get out of here i don't want you around just leave me alone i'm FINE.

i am an elephant with sadder eyes than stormclouds.
you tell me nothing with your words
and everything with the silences you leave in your wake.
the next time i see you is at your wake.
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