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February 7, 2011
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my throat thickens
to echo the songs of sparrows
the shape of your lips
whispered through mine.

when i lift your shirt,
i see the mountains
traipsing over your heart,
i see the valleys
as i trace your stomach.

i am an adventurer,
crossing the fragile east indies,
the spartan deserts of upper africa,
looking for exploration.

my hands are my ships, your skin my ocean.

your waist breaks into your hip,
the shore of foreign lands,
cresting wave and falling tide.

drinking cups of stars,
we are thin nylon skin,
abashed teenage heat
erupting from our cores
and every orifice
as we proclaim our love
for the moon,
from our bodies.
this felt warm to write

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You are so unbelievably talented. :heart:
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thank you :aww:
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