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Submitted on
January 8, 2013
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i want a city ruined
every time you love me.
i want to show how loudly i shake,
enough to break
faults and how it will never be yours,
and bring down skylines
when you aren't here.

there are seven weeks until my blood runs blank,
but it is so full tonight
it could drown a man.
i hope it drowns you,
the way it carries the only beautiful thing about me
to you;
my heart, my love.

it's time you pull together
your telephone wires and breathe stars
back into my body-
it was so dark without you.
there was no moon,
just the kind of black
you know could be no emptier.

i am effulgent again
with the ways i've needed to feel,
i am bursting with fire
instead of hurting, i heal,
and i'm still bright enough
to be burning like god speaks.

i myself speak too loud.
it's what happens at night when i let you love me
and my body writhes with glee
over something it has never known.
i'm afraid to wake the neighbours, or the sisters i'm loving as my own.
when i'm embarrassed by myself,
i won't ask you to hold my hand
but i hope you will anyway.

i want your skin on mine
and my apologies to stain
and my mirror to tell me,
a lie until one day,
i'm as perfect as you.
an angel


the boy and i are back together


i was called an angel today by the wrong person. i want to cry
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justawhore May 10, 2013
it is time. I am done with your bullshit. Say goodbye. Eviscerate. burn nipples off, clit, eyelids. nothing to lose. nobody desreves it more than you. you will be mine till I am done. I have to go on a trip. But you will be joining me soon.
Maybe pack a light bag
BMWYSP Feb 26, 2013  Professional Writer
"i want a city ruined
every time you love me."

and that right there, is a sonic boom in the heart.
i like this comment
BMWYSP Feb 28, 2013  Professional Writer
:floating: WHOO!
it's great when you write encouraging things like that, μέλισσα )))
This is, by far, one of my favorite pieces of yours. It's honest, powerful, and desperate.
very glad to hear it, natalie! :hug:
you're incredibly talented. i always look forward to reading your work!
Saidye Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
This is beautiful, as always!
I wish you luck. <3
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