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July 20


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the stupendous herbodyismycoffin renewed my subscription. ashley is a one-of-a-kind, beautiful person and her words reflect that.


i did indeed get my thigh tattoo! photo available upon request.


would anyone like to set a writing challenge and/or collab with me? i need stuff to get me back into the swing of things!


also, Reanimated4now painted a picture of me! i love how it came out:…


well that virgin never kept them from litteringbefore this ugly, flowered couch
bobbed down the river
and came to rest where water lapped semen
from its edge,
someone slept here unalone.
the stains in the cloth spell promises,
"my body goes here,
yours belongs there,"
the cigarette burns on the armrests
sketch stories of every
so-late-it's-early night.
the couch now sleeps with the water
and the lilies
and the riverbank,
the fish now suckle waterlogged cigarettes on
flowered, moonless nights.
and this sink, before they ripped the kitchen out,
held his dishes-
food-caked, abandoned dishes
broken in anger against
her shoulders and her forehead
and her screaming, ugly face.
this sink, submerged,
holds crawdads
and bluegill babies,
sand and rocks and
clean, clean shells.
and before the flood dragged it into the river,
this playhouse was well-loved by
the giggling, groping children.
"i'll be daddy and you be mommy,"
and the look he gave her said
"it's not because we're older than them."
then the playhouse was stolen by the storm and now
  .september -
i've been under
the illusion it's
a sunday
for four days,
i sit on your knee
at the kitchen table,
roll one of the
bullets under my finger
cold gold and
and smooth,
do you know what
that is? -
but i don't think
you do -

he says
you're fuckin weird,
you know that? fuckin
cold, maybe i'll just
start calling you
winter -

and he does
november -
they grace me with
three days, and i cannot
convince you
to come with me
december -
the only time i like you
is when you're asleep,
i gnaw one leg out of
a trap
just to crawl my way
into another
(it takes everything i have not to smash my bottle over your head)
  all this trouble for a cigarette.sometimes,
when i'm sad,
i think i love you.
but i don't.
you remember
all of the beautiful things
they've said about you.
but you forget
to say
all those beautiful things.
i think
you've forgotten to try
falling in love with me.
no worries.
i'll forget to try
loving you back.
  mossthe first time i kissed you
(you call me tight-lipped)
was the first time i felt real love
start to form like cool moss
soft patches tucked in my organs
coating my bones
and to love someone
(i've heard)
is to give them room to grow
and grow you have
like a forest
of silent, sturdy dedication
thick in the air like fog
the climate in between us
is cool and misty
settling and condensing
i will take care of your garden of moss
and kiss you loose-lipped
on lichen beds
if you hold me like a puddle
i think of you at night
and dream about osmosis
  make forevers in memories.we are not forevers
dancing on the borderlines
of infinty
 we are temporary
 our memories
are everlasting
  so do not hesitate
  to create them
  .i tell her
i do not want
i do not know
i say my mind
is confined
to me alone, and i
am confined
to the earth
(tomorrow said to yesterday, please meet me in the middle)
  never-ending car crash.i don't think that i love you,
but i know that i want
the privilege of being able
to say that i do, any time.
you said the word
as i watched the sun rise in my bedroom.
and swallowed it like the ocean
when i held my tongue.
i am so happy and so sad
to be with you now.
we light our wishes on fire
and send them to the stars together.
i can't sleep well
when you hold me like that,
but what good is sleep anyway?
never let me go.
  for the woman born an oceanthe world will
set your borders on fire
and congratulate you
when you shrink.
but you were born
an ocean; you are the
child of the moon and
not even she can
imprison your
do not let
them channel you
into their
   these bitter kids have sharper hipsoh, i am aching to pry apart this skull &
meet the ghosts thumping at its insides.
i'm just pining for a rib cage like a
funeral pyre or a staircase;
i want to bloom from these
bitter bones & waste -
(until i'm the corpse
sleeping in the casket)
 <da:thumb id="463290726"/>  .i have followed you, night
after night,
followed your voice, those silvery
ribbons of air -
led me to the black gates
where you lay,
curled -
i sit on my roof,
and the darkness sticks
out it's tongue
(it says make sure you smile, they'll think you're not glad to be here)
  tuesday nightsthe full moon aches.
tuesday nights are always full of statues.
i wonder what it is to be dead. do you remember
the mother? the comedown from the other, write
as an animal, as a breathing piece of fabric--
the fabric felt in the lines.
you are the main event. hold still.
disengage. you are no mercury flower.
imagine imagine imagine. the airplane
coating of skin to bone. all flesh is concentrated
on your ankles.
so much has happened and will happen
before we can respond to this as an end. epicenter.
the spider-work of lines.
the gas station attendant wondering
if he did the right thing.
the sky holding its breath, beware, beware.
there are no other answers.
there is never anything but light,
and light on light never told us anything about what
we needed to know or be or wear or be wary of.
catch the clouds in your hands.
call me miracle, though i am not
a thing of wonder, i am still
i am still a being made of sticks.
watch me fall apart.
exhaustion makes the most beautiful s
  and you are the loveliestit feels alright
to stop
being cruel to myself
& i am in question
but you seem eternal

Allie by EmilySoto anyone's ghost by curlytops Paper Memory by EmilySoto Paper Memory by EmilySoto 
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TheEmptyChest Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Ooh ooh, I want to see your tattoo!! Pretty please? :eager: 
TheEmptyChest Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
I like it! It's unique. Does it represent something (just curious)? 
ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
thanks! no, not really haha I'm just a big cat person and the kitty I got resembles one of my cats :)
TheEmptyChest Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Aww, well I think it's really neat. Thanks for showing me. <3
Reanimated4now Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
:3 I'll note trade you a picture of that new thigh tattoo for a picture of this new rib tattoo!
ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
don't need to note it! haha…
trembling-knees Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much darling you are amazing :heart:

TATTOO!?? Show me yours I'll show you mine? ;3

And I have been thinking about collabs lately, seeing as I have never done one, and I would love to try one with you!

ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
of course m'dear <3 

i posted it on facebook awhile back, i can drudge it up if you want?! i'd love to see yours!

and that would be so cool :) shall i note you, or vice versa?
trembling-knees Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
OH YES PLEASE! I will now send you a note with a link to a photo of my tattoo (heh) and then we can talk collab maybe? I have never done one before so I'm not quite sure how to start/decide etc so I shall be relying on you, oh precious one, to guide me :heart:
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